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Reach a whole new level with this professional
fashion and landscape photography course.


In this brand new title Karl takes you behind the scenes on a series of truly epic photo-shoots.

This in-depth study of lighting on location and capturing pure landscape imagery in the most difficult of conditions is a must for any photographer wanting to expand their skill-set.

"Fashionscape" covers achievable natural light photography through to very complex on-location fashion shoot scenarios. To top it all Karl also demonstrates the techniques for some stunning landscape work from the bleak, beautiful and primitive vistas of Iceland.

With all the behind the scenes action and the thought process on how to achieve stunning results "Fashionscape" is a truly inspiring and entertaining course for professionals and serious photographers.

As a high quality, visually stunning production, this photography course makes entertaining viewing for anyone.

But for Professionals and serious photographers who need to know the logistics of organising a shoot of and understanding the complexities of lighting fashion in daylight then this training is a must!


Video Diary 1: It all goes wrong!!!

Video Diary 2: Crashed Plane

Video Diary 3: Risky Seascape

Video Diary 4: FEAR!

Video Diary 5: A Luna Landscape

Video Diary 6: Un-Boxing!


On this photography course you will learn:

  • Pre Trip Planning
    Organising a photo-shoot and the pre-planning are an important part to its success. Understand the process with everything from pre-shoot meetings to location scouting and mood boards.
  • Lighting on Location
    Lighting your subject in a controlled studio environment is one thing but the techniques for doing this on location involve a huge consideration to the daylight conditions that will form part of the captured light. Deciding on the balance of artificial light and ambient is key and each variable will have a massive impact on the outcome of your images.
  • Medium Format vs 35mm
    Karl uses both 35mm and Medium format in his work and he took both cameras on this trip. See both formats go head to head on several shoots and realise what each has to offer and see the results in the final prints.
  • The thought process behind the images
    Taking pictures is one thing, making them is another. Discover what goes through the mind of a pro to realise a spectacular image. In ‘Fashionscape’ Karl talks directly about the decisions, reasons and choices behind each image.
  • Detailed location information
    In "Fashionscape" we show you each location on the map of Iceland for all the shoots both fashion and landscape.
  • Working with models
    To get the best out of your team and your model you need to communicate your ideas in a way that everybody understands and also believes in. Our model braved the coldest and harshest conditions, see how Karl works with models and his team to direct them for the best possible results.
  • Pure Landscape Photography
    Iceland offers some of the most incredible scenery on the planet. We go in search of dramatic landscapes to create some stunning wall art. Find out the reasons behind each image and the techniques and equipment applied.
  • Fighting the elements
    Harsh conditions can often make for the most dramatic of images. But the howling wind, dust and spray are not good for cameras. See Karl and the team work through the night in Iceland’s 24hour light to capture the most surreal images.
  • Post production work
    All RAW image files need to run through image software such as Lightroom or Phocus before final prints can be made. Karl looks at some of his methods for processing the image files to achieve the best results.
  • Karl’s top pro tips for success
    A shoot like this project is demanding for even a seasoned professional and professional knowledge is essential. Find out how Karl keeps it together even when things go wrong but also knows when to call it a day.

Features of this DVD:

  • Over 4 hours of in-depth knowledge and inspiration
  • Double Disk
  • 16:9 widescreen
  • PAL (Standard) or NTSC (N. America, Japan) formats

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Watch as we take these photos and SHOW YOU exactly how!

Capture photographs that stand out from the crowd by learning professional skills and techniques from top professional photographer Karl Taylor. Karl shoots pictures for some of the world's leading companies, and his work is published all over the globe.

To learn to shoot pictures at this level, you need guidance from someone with a proven track record not only in professional photography but also in teaching. The photos below are just some of the images captured on this incredible photography course.

Fashionscape Photograph
Fashionscape Photograph
Fashionscape Photograph
Fashionscape Photograph
Fashionscape Photograph
Fashionscape Photograph
Fashionscape Photograph
Fashionscape Photograph
Fashionscape Photograph
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Fashionscape Photography Course